Bullet Lighting - USB Scheinwerfer - Schwarz

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Bullet Lighting - USB Scheinwerfer - Schwarz - Bild 1
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This Bullet-shaped light is designed for both front and rear and is produced by Rindow in Japan. Rindow is a Japanese bike brand started in Tokushima in 2012 with careful a selection of choice parts to create a simple, basic design that will appeal to all ages. They design and produce a range of bike accessories without compromising on quality. 
Bullet Lighting has a sleek aluminum CNC Machined body adding a beautiful and minimal lighting element to your bike. The Bullet Lighting comes in Silver or Black. It can be attached with a black rubber handlebar strap onto your handlebar for the front light or your seat post for the rear light or mounted above the brake calipers by adding a separate mount and stainless stay. It has 40 lumens front and 15 lumens by the rear light , 3 modes (high, low, and flash), and comes with a USB recharger cable. It takes 2.5 hours to recharge and lasts 3 hours on high, 6 hours on low and 50 hours on flash mode.


- CNC Aluminium

- Grösse: 2.9cm x 7.5cm

- Batterie: 220mAh Li-Polymer

- 40 lumens front and 15 lumens by the rear light

- 3 Modes (high, low, flash)

- USB Aufladbar: 2.5h / USB

- Laufzeit: High: 3 St / Low: 6 St / Flash: 50 St

- Standard rubber mount is included

- USB recharge cable included

- Waterproof: IPX4

- Gewicht: 51g

- Hergestellt in Japan

- Farbe: Silber oder Schwarz

- The Bullet Light is available with four different attachment options:
1. Standard rubber handlebar/seat post mount which is included
2. CNC alloy light mount for the front or rear eyelets
3. Stainless silver stays which when combined with the mount, can be attached to the front or rear brake calipers. The stainless silver stays come in two different types, straight or bent. Straight stay is recommended for the rear attachment at higher position.

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