Panaracer - Pari-Moto Faltreifen - Schwarz/Beige 27.5"

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Panaracer - Pari-Moto Faltreifen - Schwarz/Beige 27.5" - Image 1
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Entwickelt von Kirk Pacenti, bietet die PARI-MOTO Familie 1.50" und 1.75" Größe für 27.5" Slick-reifen.

Ride it and trust it.


650Bx38 / 38-584 / 27.5" x 1.50", 38mm Breit / 300g
650Bx42 / 42-584 / 27.5" x 1.75", 42mm Breit / 330g
650Bx48 / 48-584 / 27.5" x 1.90", 48mm Breit / 500g

- Typ: Faltreifen

- Farbe: Schwarz/Braun


RF65038B-LX-PM: Reifen Breite: 38mm / 1.50"
RF650B42-LX-PM: Reifen Breite: 42mm
RF650B48-LX-PM: Reifen Breite: 48mm

Panaracer - Tyres for racing bikes, fixie, gravel bikes, MTB and city bikes

The last production facility for bicycle tires in Japan. A niche supplier that has been asserting itself through quality and innovation since 1952. One of the best bicycle tyres in the field: Racing, Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Gravel, Cyclocross, MTB and everyday bikes. No matter whether the tyre is to be completely black or very colourful, or whether it should only have a fine red or blue line on the tyre. Panaracer offers practically everything and there is hardly a better quality.

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