The fast ones among the bicycles. Lightweight carbon, every detail aerodynamically perfected.

Das Rennvelo ist unsere Leidenschaft. Komm vorbei und lass dich rund um das Thema Road Cycling bei uns in Basel inspirieren.    

Seit vielen Jahren ist ein Grossteil unseres Teams ambitioniert und fasziniert vom Rennvelo. Die dadurch erlangte Erfahrung geben wir gerne an dich weiter.  

Als Paradedisziplin bei den Velos ist das Road Bike für uns eine Perfektionierung der Speed Performance. Die modernen Carbon Rennvelo-Rahmen sind heute hochentwickelte Kunstwerke. Verschiedene Rennrad Disziplinen wie Aero-Renner, Langdistanzen Endourance Road Bikes oder Zeitfahrvelos werden nach höchsten Anforderungen entwickelt und werden ständig leichter, steifer, bequemer und aerodynamischer. Rennrad-Komponenten von führenden Hersteller wie Shimano oder SRAM ergänzen die Roadbikes auf höchster Ebene. Bei uns im Veloladen hier in Basel findest du eine grosses Sortiment an Rennvelos BMC Switzerland.


The fast ones for the road.

Extensive tours, long distances, fast passages and exhausting passes. With a racing bike or road bike you are just perfectly served. They are stiff and transfer the power optimally to the asphalt, they are more aerodynamic so the wind doesn't attack them and they also look really good. We have the right model for every taste and every individual requirement.

How to find the right frame size for your road bike.

First of all you should measure your inseam length, because the body height alone is often too inaccurate to determine the frame size. For this you need a scale and a spirit level. If you do not have a spirit level, you can also use a large book.
Now take off your shoes and trousers - yes, the trousers too, because they can strongly influence the measurement result. If you have a spirit level, pull it up as horizontally as possible between your legs. It works the same with a book, but you should stand against a door or wall so that the upper side of your book is parallel to the floor. Now measure with the scale from the floor to the upper side of the spirit level or book. The value you have now determined is your so-called inseam length or inseam height.

Now you have to multiply this value by the factor 0.67 to get your frame size. With a inseam length of 80cm you need a frame with the size 54cm (80cm x 0.67=53.6cm).

If the calculated size is between two available frame sizes, you can apply the following rule.

  • For a more agile, sporty ride, choose the smaller frame.
  • For a smoother, tour-oriented ride, choose the larger frame.

Are you still not sure? We will be happy to help you personally in our store in Basel, by phone or email.