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Why the quality of a children's bike is so important.

For children, cycling is a good workout for balance and dexterity. When choosing the right children's bike, safety should be the top priority, because only the high-quality children's models guarantee you maximum safety. In addition, the colour and shape of the model should correspond to the wishes of the kids, as fun is always in the spotlight. At the beginning we recommend a balance bike without pedals which can later be replaced by a children's bike with support wheels.

So you will find the right frame size for your kids bike.

In addition to the quality of a children's bike, the right size is decisive for the children's sense of success. An often well-intentioned, over-sized children's bike is unfortunately not helpful. Because a bicycle that is too large makes handling more difficult and thus unfortunately also increases the risk of falling, we do not recommend models that are too large.

Body size Age

Wheel size

Frame Size
95-105cm 2-3 years 12" 18-21cm
100-115cm 3-4 years 12"-16" 21-23cm
100-120cm 4-5 years 16"-18" 23-29cm
115-125cm 5-6 years 18" 25-32cm
120-135cm 6-7 years 20" 25-34cm
130-150cm 7-8 years 24" 28-35cm
140-160cm 8-9 years 24"-26" 32-38cm

Please note that the recommended sizes are approximate. Age is only an approximate guideline.

Are you still not sure? We will be happy to help you personally in our store in Basel, by phone or email.