The minimalist Fixedgear or Singlespeed bikes are an eye-catcher. With these bikes you are guaranteed to attract attention.

We are the absolute experts in the world of Fixie (Fixed-Gear) and Singlespeed bikes.

The Voyage Cycling Store, evolved from the Fixieshop, remains its roots.

We have definitely made a name for ourselves in the fixed gear (fixie) sector. Are you looking for an individual bike, a custom bike, then we would be happy to enter you in our store in Basel. Give us a call or come by directly, we are there for you and will be happy to realize your project.

The specialists in Fixied Gear and Singlespeed.

We have acquired a great deal of knowledge in the fixed gear (fixie) and singlespeed world and can proudly say that we are the pioneers in this field in Switzerland. All big brands like BLB (Brick Lane Bikes), Aventon, Cinelli, Paul Components, 8bar and many more are represented here.

What is the difference between a Fixie and a Singlespeed?

This is actually quite simple. A Fixie has a fixed gear. The sprocket is fixed to the rear wheel and thus always turns forward as well as backward. A Singlespeed is a bicycle with only one gear which has a freewheel. This means that the sprocket transmits the force of the pedals in only one direction (forward). Backwards the mechanism clicks through. In short, the pedals always turn with the Fixie and with the Singlespeed you can also let the bicycle roll.

How to find the right frame size for your fixie or singlespeed.

First of all you should measure your inseam length, because the body height alone is often too inaccurate to determine the frame size. For this you need a scale and a spirit level. If you do not have a spirit level, you can also use a large book.
Now take off your shoes and trousers - yes, the trousers too, because they can strongly influence the measurement result. If you have a spirit level, pull it up as horizontally as possible between your legs. It works the same with a book, but you should stand against a door or wall so that the upper side of your book is parallel to the floor. Now measure with the scale from the floor to the upper side of the spirit level or book. The value you have now determined is your so-called inseam length or inseam height.

Now you have to multiply this value by the factor 0.67 to get your frame size. With a inseam length of 80cm you need a frame with the size 54cm (80cm x 0.67=53.6cm).

If the calculated size is between two available frame sizes, you can apply the following rule.

  • For a more agile, sporty ride, choose the smaller frame.
  • For a smoother, tour-oriented ride, choose the larger frame.

Are you still not sure? We will be happy to help you personally in our store in Basel, by phone or email.